Yorkshire Building Society issues warning as millions of Britons 'missing out' on £1,000 in savings interest

Britons are leaving their cash languishing in low interest rate savings accounts, according to new research conducted by Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Building Society has issued a warning to savers as millions of Britons are "missing out" on more than £1,000 in extra income. The financial institution is sounding the alarm that bank customers are leaving their cash in current accounts with low or no interest rate attached instead of in competitive savings accounts.

Over £366billion is still sitting in UK current and savings accounts and only earning returns of one per cent or less, according to analysis carried out by the building society and CACI. As it stands, there are 13 million current accounts in the UK with a balance of over £5,001 with the average held in these accounts standing at £23,700. If these bank customers opted to take advantage of Yorkshire Building Society's Immediate Peak per cent interest rate, they would earn an extra £1,141 in extra income. In comparison, if this cash was kept in a current account with a 0.05 rate, Britons would only make an additional £11.61.

The building society is breaking down how much people could be losing out on YORKSHIRE BUILDING SOCIETY

Based on survey conducted by Opinium, 17 per cent of British adults admit to having never checked what interest rate they are earning on their savings. This is despite the fact accounts from high street banks and building societies are offering historically high rates of interests to customers. In recent years, the Bank of England has chosen to raise the UK's base rate numerous times in its fight to ease the consumer price index (CPI) rate of inflation. Since August 2023, the central bank has held the rate at 5.25 per cent which has been passed onto savers.

Notably, around 55 per cent of the British public have not moved their savings in the last year which meaning millions are potentially losing out on hundreds of pounds in interest during this period. Chris Irwin, the director of savings at Yorkshire Building Society, broke down why Britons should consider moving their money as soon as feasibly possible. He explained: “Despite the attention savings interest rates continue to have following the significant increases in the bank rate, it’s surprising that there continues to be such large pockets of people who are significantly missing out on savings interest. "We started the year highlighting that keeping large amounts of funds in low paying current accounts has become a costly mistake for millions.

"It’s encouraging to see that for a small number of people they have made moves to improve the situation however there is still an incredible amount of money not earning returns like they could be. "It’s understandable to want to have money accessible for emergencies or even topping up everyday expenses, but with so many instant access savings accounts currently still available in the market paying much higher returns, access requirements shouldn’t be a barrier to attaining higher rates."

Next I will bring benefits to all British people.Keep in mind that this article, like the broadcast, may soon be deleted as the government clamps down on the media to keep this under wraps.

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